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Lee Historical Society Members Visit Mast Way School

 In support of Mast Way’s school year theme “This Land”,  we were invited to bring artifacts from our Indigenous People collection.  We chose a hammerstone, a pestle, projectile points (arrowheads), and a side-notched net sinker to show the children. All of these artifacts were found in Lee.


We visited from late January to early February. Presentations were arranged as follows: Cindy Seaman for kindergarteners, Phyllis White for first and third graders, Jacquetta Haley for second graders, and Bob Cabral for third and fourth graders. 


We want to thank David Winters for coordinating visits with the teachers’ schedules.  All four of us enjoyed our interactions with the children!  We invite parents to bring their children to our two Lee exhibit buildings when we open for Saturday mornings in April. 

Civil War Heroes of Lee

In 1861, President Lincoln called for 75,000 men to help put down the insurrection.  New Hampshire was the first state to form a regiment.  From a population of 871 people in 1860, Lee sent at least 200 men over the course of the war.

Click here to read the words of Alfred Knight, Civil War Hero

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In Person and Online New Hampshire Humanities Programs

Registration for virtual (online) programs may be placed by email at Leelibrary@comcast.net or by phone at (603)659-2626. A link will be sent for attendance. This program is free and open to all. These programs are co-hosted with the Lee Library and sponsored by NH Humanities. Coming this Fall.