Lee Historical Society

About Us

The Lee Historical Society

The Lee Historical Society was formed in 1971, with Marion Stevens as the first President. The museum, housed in the historic Railroad Freight Building, once a part of the South Lee Train Station, opened its doors in 1977.

Our Mission

It is our mission to preserve and interpret Lee’s history, through the collection , conservation, and exhibition of artifacts, documents and audio/visual materials. As custodians of the Lee Historical Society Museum, it is our duty to educate our citizens by telling the stories of Lee’s past with our exhibits.

The former South Lee Freight Depot, built about 1874, serves today as the Lee Historical Society Museum. The building originally stood at the junction of Calef Highway (Route 125) and Harvey’s Mill Road (Route 152). The land and the buildings at the South Lee Depot, including the freight depot building, were sold by the Boston and Maine Railroad to William A. Plumer for $1.00 on December 12, 1936. Edwin H. Plumer sold his half interest in the land and buildings inherited from his father, William A. Plumer to Walter Plumer on June 1, 1937 for $1.00. Walter Plumer later sold the freight depot building to Otis Goodrich sometime in the 1930s.